EMS Week Cupcakes

Last EMS week, my husband's ambulance company contacted me about making cupcakes as part of their EMS week celebration. They weren't looking for anything overly-fancy, and I had a few other orders to make that week, so I opted for a simple design - these were the result! 

I filled chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with chocolate ganache, frosted them with white cream cheese buttercream frosting, and topped them with fondant and piped frosting EMS-themed decorations! I took my color inspiration from the red and blue ambulance lights, and piped the star of life and an EKG tracing on top of the fondant shapes. I thought they turned out pretty well for as simple as the design was, and I heard they disappeared fast at the ambulance company headquarters! 🙂 

So, so many days my in inpatient care makes me so, so grateful to all of the first responders out there - because my personality doesn't lend itself well to your job! :/  To all the EMS personnel out there - including and especially my husband - you guys are the BEST!  Glad I could do a little bit to say thank you 🙂 <3 

Image: https://makeameme.org/meme/be-a-paramedic 

(Image via Tumblr) 

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