Cauldron Oreo Pudding Parfaits

Cauldron Pudding Parfaits
Cauldron Oreo Pudding Parfaits

I found these little cauldron cups on Amazon...

...and it took me all of a few minutes to decide they'd be perfect for little Halloween desserts! I finally settled on Cauldron Oreo pudding parfaits - and they were delicious! Have to admit though, I think the color creeped my husband out just a bit! 

These Cauldron pudding parfaits are SUPER easy to prep and assemble, delicious and so fun to eat! Recipe below! 

(Note: These little desserts will store well for several hours in the fridge - the Oreo layers will get a touch on the soggy side and the green color may begin to seep into the candy eyes if they're refrigerated overnight, however. But if you want to prep ahead, the pudding itself stores fine covered well in the fridge for a few days!) 

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Cauldron Oreo Pudding Parfaits

Want a super-easy no-bake Halloween themed dessert? Look no further! Plastic cauldron cups (available on Amazon), Oreos, green pudding, and candy eyes make the cutest Cauldron Oreo Pudding Parfaits!
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cauldron parfaits,, cauldron pudding parfaits, oreo pudding parfaits
Servings: 12 parfaits




  • Blend vanilla pudding and milk with a blender or wire whisk until smooth, and stir in green gel food color. Refrigerate until set; about 30 minutes. Chop or crush Oreo cookies.
  • When pudding is set, transfer to piping bag. Pipe a layer of pudding into the base of each cauldron and top with crushed Oreos – my layers were about 1/2”thick, and three layers of pudding and two layers of Oreos fit into each cauldron. You can adjust to your liking! Repeat until cauldron are full, ending with pudding.
  • To decorate, pipe small β€˜dabs’ of pudding over the top of each cauldron to resemble bubbles. Top with black sprinkles if desired, and 1-3 candy eyes on each one – I liked varying the placement of the eyes so they seem to be looking different directions.
  • Refrigerate untilready to serve! Enjoy!



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