Welcome to the Intensive Cake Unit!

Hey there! I'm Sarah - I'm an Intensive Care staff nurse by profession; I work at a hospital near Knoxville, Tennessee. In my off hours though, I'm a self-taught baker de-stressing by spending time in the kitchen trying out new things! My favorite thing to bake will always be cakes, but I also dabble in cupcakes, cocoa bombs, cheesecakes, and baked donuts 🙂  I've learned from family and friends, cookbooks, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and lots and lots of trial-and-error! Emphasis on that last bit, actually. :/ 

As I tried out more and more recipes, I began taking desserts with me to work, to parties, etc - and soon I was getting cake orders and starting to get more and more recipe requests! 

This site was created to share recipes, pictures, videos, tips, tutorials, and ideas! My goal is to inspire more people to try their hand at baking - and hopefully spare you some of the mistakes I made along the way! 😉  

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions or feedback! I also love taking recipe requests. Have a look around - and enjoy! 

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