Sprinkle Spill Cake

Halloween Sprinkle Spill Cake

Short story time. Featuring a clumsy baker.Story behind this Halloween Sprinkle Spill cake. I was working on a cake for an Instagram collab project -…

Jack O Lantern Cake (cut slice)

Jack-O-Lantern Cake

This was a first – a cake idea from a nail artist! I saw @Hannah Lee on Youki.com post a video showing Halloween Pumpkin Nail art….

Halloween M&Ms Fault Line Cake

Halloween M&Ms Fault Line Cake

Remember when……when fault line cakes were EVERYWHERE? I couldn’t go a day without seeing at least two on Instagram or Pinterest! And with good reason…

2-shaped Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Need an easy-to-decorate Dinosaur cake recipe?I got a picture from a co-worker of a shaped birthday cake covered dinosaurs – along with a request for…

Mummy Cakesicles

Mummy Cakesicles

Meet the cool cousin of the cake pop – the cakesicle!These Mummy cakesicles make a fantastic no-mess dessert for Halloween parties or movie nights!If you’ve…

Pumpkin Bars - cut

Pumpkin Bars

Some flavors were just MADE for fall! I’m a long-time fan of pumpkin- and cream cheese ANYTHING. Those two flavors just go together SO well! This…