Galaxy Geode cake

Galaxy Geode Cake

Galaxy cakes, metallic accents, and the never-ending geode cake trend…….if you love any or all of those things, then THIS is the cake for you! Why…

Tiramisu Cupcakes (with Kahlua and espresso, topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean)

Tiramisu Cupcakes

I LOVE tiramisu! The only thing is…….when I first made it, I was maybe a bit  generous soaking the ladyfingers in coffee liqueur, and my…

Purple Graduation Cake

Tiered Graduation Cake

…because I can almost guarantee tiered cakes are easier than you think! My first tiered graduation cake was for a co-worker graduating with her Doctorate. Per…

Black and Gold Graduation Cake

Black & Gold Graduation Cake

A perfect graduation cake for a college grad! So I do a lot of recipe testing, which makes for a lot of leftover ‘test cakes.’ These…

Bourbon Black Forest Cake (topped with cherries, slice cut out)

Bourbon Black Forest Cake

Bourbon Black Forest CakeBest way to dress up a Black Forest cake?…if you’ve never seen glitter cherries – I recommend checking out SheriWilson’s Instagram! 😉 I’d…

Lavender Lemon Drop Cake (topped with a martini glass, yellow drip, and lavender sprigs)

Lavender Lemon Drop Cake

Confession time……I used to smell lavender and think ‘bath bomb.’ I didn’t grow up with lavender-flavored anything, so I made a bit of a face…

Fault Line Cake (tutorial, sprinkle fault line with gold edges)

Fault Line Cake Tutorial

Suuuper trendy on Instagram and Pinterest recently has been the ‘fault line’ cake! I’ve been seeing them literally EVERYWHERE lately, and obviously had to try my…

Draped Wedding Cake (gold and ivory, decorated with fondant drapes and black and ivory flowers and feathers)

Fondant Draped Wedding Cake

Looking for a vintage wedding cake that you can DIY?I had a coworker who was getting married, and asked me to make her wedding cake….